Space News roundup 3-26-2020

Ill keep this short and to the point. And to that end, FTM will be the site to click on, as Mars is most in the the news lately. Unless something exciting out on the far planets happens, it just new news blurbs. So lets start.

There is a lot of dedication to the Perseverance mission. (Wiki) Even with recent delays we have to ask if it will launch on time, or do we have to wait for the next two years for the next launch window due to our collective earth based issues? I would say not, as we have a lot dedicated to this mission, and they are determined to launch it, even if it’s with their last collective breath. NASA, this is what hero’s are made of. This next quote exemplifies the best of NASA – (Full Article here)

“We’re going to ensure that we meet that launch window in July,” Lori Glaze, the director of NASA’s Planetary Science Division, said during a virtual town hall meeting on March 19, according to SpaceNews. “As of right now, and even if we go to a next stage of alert, Mars 2020 is moving forward on schedule. And everything is, so far, very well on track.”

Yes, those dedicated scientists in the bunny suits are bound and determined to launch this thing before… Well lets not go there. But this does show the dedication and sheer willpower of those that have stake in seeing it leave earth. With tears in my eyes, I salute everyone from the assembly room to the launch pad.

Good luck to Venezuela’s flagship VeneSat-1 (Wiki) communications satellite. Hopefully they can recover it or at least send it to a graveyard orbit. Hopefully more details will come to explain what really happened to it? Bad commands or hit by space junk? Perhaps a robot service mission could save it? Not a lot of data out on RSGS yet, but it would be a tool we all need in orbit, Elon Musk, I’m surprised you haven’t jumped in this idea, since your about to orbit oh, what – like another 30000 cubesats up there cluttering up things. Don’t worry folks, he’s sure it wont affect space science. Best part of that article is this quote :

“Astronomers will need additional software, new cameras, and a lot more money to cope with Starlink.”

So its everyone else’s problem, eh? However, if your looking for work, SpaceX is looking to hire welders.. If your a boilermaker and certified, you may wanna apply.

However, we don’t need to worry about moon launch dates, only delays. We all have to sacrifice and it appears the SLS mission took a hit.

Now we turn our attention to the moon.

India’s Chandrayaan 2 is creating the highest-resolution map we have of the moon. Now, This is AWESOME! The article has so much infomation and detail, I won’t disrespect the writer – so click it and read. For game designers? Oh yea, you can make a lot of textures and such from that data.

Not to be left out, Nice work on Russia’s part on the Luna-25 mission (Wiki) 45 YEARS in the making. You can’t keep a good Russian team down. Good luck, fella’s.

One thing about the Starlink program to consider, is Lunar GPS. I will just drop this Slashdot article here and you can dive into that rabbit hole of a topic.

A bit of Jupiter news, Interesting new news about Jupiter’s atmosphere and such. More info here. Nice pictures and a ton of info. Check out Fly-To-Jupiter for more detailed links about Jupiter.

In other deep space news, Hayabusa (wiki) shot it’s package into the Ryugu asteroid. Click on this article for details and very cool video of the event. Excellent data returned.

Not to be left out is the planet Mercury. Centauri-Dreams has another excellently written article aptly named, “An Unusual Look at Mercury“. If your interested in space science, well there are no words here to explain the level of detail and science one man put into that body of work. He writes excellent science nonstop, its Centauri-Dreams. Click it. :/

See you all next time! Stay frosty Earth! Check out for a free Lunar desktop background!