weekly news from mars 2-14-2020

Few passing articles caught my eye this week.

In some of my previous lunar concept art biodome posts, it was a glimpse of the future of growing food in space. Interesting Engineering (has all kinds of cool things to read) has posted a nice article about 5 ways of growing food in space.

Next up is this great post about the Mars 2020 Rover has a big ‘ol laser on its head! (courtesy of DigitalTrends).

Also news, the 2020 Rover has left the building, heading to the launchpad! As usual, click here for the official NASA website.

Finally this week, you should check out NASA’s “State of NASA” address including lunar and mars missions. A good watch.

Check back next week for more news! Check up on Fly-to-Earth for the latest is Earth based space news.

There is new news from the local moon Phobos. Check over at Fly-to-Phobos.com for more information. (Small update).