New mars thoughts 1-28-2020

Searching and locating fresh mars news for all of you, so here is the end of the month post!

Lets start with the Mars 2020 Rover! (NASA official). You can find the wiki here. You can even watch them assemble it live! Be sure to click the links for information about each component. Nice work NASA!

As noted in the wiki, they are working from proven designs from previous missions. I would bet it’s successful landing because of the Sky Crane landing they used on MSL. Seems a lot better then a giant beach ball landing, as far as hardware is concerned. Some things are too big to be just dropped.

Now part of its mission to prepare for the the MSR, or the Mars sample return mission. All the proposals are in the wiki, not quite sure what the rover’s job is as far as that goes, it just seems to be the latest upgraded rover in that idea. More or less, grab a sample, blast it into orbit, and humans in Mars orbit capture it. But not this rover, its only to research the idea. Bring a sample to orbit and hope no alien virus’s awake. However, it is a required step for learning about ancient life on mars and to prepare for human missions. We gotta pick a nice spot to land, this is the next step toward landing humans.

Speaking of humans on mars, Scientific American has this nice article about all the ways mars can kill you. Have a nice trip.

I should also bring to your attention the Mars ‘Name the rover’ contest. I would bet Tenacity would be a winner, as opinion from the original slashdot post seems to agree (as of this time).

Finally, I leave you with this great art from Kevin Gill . This is a link to a visualization of a greener mars. He has other great planetary artwork also, worth it, just for the visuals and inspiration.

Have a good read and learn about Mars!