For sale

I never wanted these sites to goto waste. Jeff Bezos, If your out there – buy the darn sites they will help you to all the planets.  Virgin Atlantic,

Elon musk?! It’s like bidding on a cheap car

Jeff bezos  Its cheaper then gas. 

Bill gates? C’mon, you could buy those up and make then pay for the royalties!

You all want to be first to the the moon,  with passengers – and you have money to spend and i have bills to pay. First one to make a real offer will own the entire fly-to-* domain.

Elon musk, I know your out there too, be a man and throw your hat in the ring. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos  – cmon guys your all heading to the moon and beyond.

Think ahead 20 years from now when your orbiting the moon and mars. Who owns the fly-to-‘s? Virgin Atlantic might want those destinations on the WWW.

All you people going into space – own the fly-to-‘s before i get old and die. It will save you money.

At  the end of the day – guys Its all about the domain and who snags them all up first. Entire Fly-to-* is for sale. And I don’t take spare change.

Richard Branson? You out there?

admin at Nevermind, You guys know how to track someone down when you want to buy something…