Good news, mars does have some protection!

Interesting data from the Mars Express spacecraft. Turns out the surface is protected from solar wind, in a form. While Mars lacks a magnetic dipole, apparently solar wind induces currents in the upper atmosphere, providing a limited form of UV protection for the surface. This leads to more evidence of possible surviving bacteria living on the surface. This also signals good news for future colonists in that while the glass used for domes also can provide solar power and UV protection, the surface environment, while harsh, may not be as bad as we assumed.

While considering the dome situation for growing plants, (see for a more visual example) I wonder if plant growth would thrive more on mars then filtered light from the sun on the moon. It would seem to be more natural. Nonetheless, having solar glass shipped to mars would not be cost effective until we find a way to manufacture it in-situ. If we can make mooncrete, we can make marscrete. And there is lots of sand for glass. Spam the robots!

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On a more personal note to Mr. Elon Musk. Launching your very expensive car into space while playing Bowie? Thats ****ign AWESOME! I mean, really! Your favorite car and you trust your hardware enough to orbit it, hell yea! If you had a plan to land the car and me and a few cargo containers I would be all in! Get even crazier, send some ‘dozer bots and make a damn track! First speed record on mars! Think of the web hits and youtube value of watching a guy blast thru space behind the wheel of your car slowly losing his mind driving to mars for months! I have to laugh because all I can picture is Ed ‘big daddy’ roth’s art work.

In all seriousness, send me. First redneck hick on mars. Ok, just kidding. Buy my sites and and help me pay off some loans. Hey, you don’t want Branson to own the ENTIRE Fly-To coporation…

All joking aside, why do you two not work with each other? Get with Bigelo Aerospace and your BFR and assemble a new space station in a few months timeline. Send up the balloons and and bolt it tougher. You guys could do in a few months what took 20 years of government mismanagement on the ISS and they are just going to let it burn up on reentry in a few years. Build it with the classic 60’s NASA moon art torus and spin it, see if it works.  The balancing problem easily solved with a giant reaction wheel, like a sliding weight on a tire. Stick another giant rocket on its butt and point me to Mars!

Can’t blame a guy for tryin’