Mars news roundup 9-30-2017

Well, looks like Lockheed-Martin is getting in on the mars race with their new habitat/lander combo.

China wants to build its Utopian city of vertical forests, really neat if they combine it with UAE’s idea for martian habitats. I could definitely live in a lush forest dome on mars.

edit: update – Musk found the money, by dropping everything else. Hot off the press, read here : SpaceX to Phase Out Everything But Its Mars-Colonizing ‘BFR’ Rocket All aboard the B.F.R!

He wasn’t kidding…

Wow, Elon Musk dreams big. And yea, thats a BIG rocket. 100 people to mars?! Amazing. We at Fly-To Corp. would like to offer our services (domains) to him for the low price of 2 million dollars. Hey, we have launch fee’s back ordered and vinnie don’t take no checks, see?

To quote the article: “The slimmed-down rocket would be nine meters, or about 30 feet, in diameter instead of the 12-meter behemoth he described last year. It would still be more powerful than the Saturn 5 rocket that took NASA astronauts to the moon. Mr. Musk called it B.F.R. (The “B” stands for “big”; the “R” is for “rocket.”) The B.F.R. would be able to lift 150 metric tons to low-Earth orbit, Mr. Musk said.”

He still has not figgured out how to pay for all this, but he has released some engineering details. (I love the quote : “The mood at the conference was almost as giddy as a rock concert or the launch of a new Apple product, with people lining up for Mr. Musk’s presentation a couple of hours in advance.”)

Giddy. Ha, how often do you hear that word? Seriously though, these space faring billionaires ARE becoming the new rock stars in a way..

B.F.R , ha! Must be playing too much doom now that its been ported to the switch.

In all seriousness though, 100 people? I would love to see plans for that Earth-Mars transport. I can see a team-up with Bigelo Aerospace and their inflatable habitat modules. (Already being tested on the ISS). They are being proposed for the 2021 lunar habitat. Personally i think we should also contract with Bigelo for these habitats as they are much safer. When a micrometeorite hits metal, it fragments and forms a non sealing hole. An inflatable habitat is mostly self-sealing (rubber) and can be repaired much like a standard tire. It is more flexible then alloy based pressure vessels, takes less room to launch and all in all more durable then current designs. I would bet on inflatables as being a game changer here, in terms of safety, production and launch costs. Buy Stock in Bigelo, I say.

A day in the life of voyager.

Posted by Flight Control

      Found this neat press release. Both Voyagers are still running, but I did not know they transmitted non-stop. Also that voyager 2’s plasma sensor still works. Nice jumping point to more Voyager stuff. 40 years in the harshest environment and still limping along like a car with 12 billion or so miles on it. Dang they just don’t make stuff like they used to.

Check it out here : A Day in the Life of NASA’s Voyagers


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